Phone Theft Alarm - anti theft safety, keep your phone safe from the thieves,

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开发 Henna Venalainen
4.99 USD

This revolutionary new Iphone App keeps you safe & protected from the phone thieves! Its simple for you and painful for the bad guys. It uses your phones movement detector. Any unwelcome move activates the alarm!

Feel safe

From now on you dont have to worry to keep your eyes on your phone all the time. You can feel safe when you have a cup of coffee, visit the library, go to the beach or put your phone anywhere where you dont look at it all the time. “Phone Theft Alarm” will keep your phone safe.

How it works
It is simple and safe! If someone try to move your phone the “Phone Theft Alarm” will start sounding an alarm and vibrating. This app uses your phones movement detector to identify any kind of unwelcome movement. Once you activate the Phone Theft Alarm the phone will react on any kind of movement of the phone and alarm will start. The only way to stop the alarm is to enter the right code that you have chosen.